Torque calibration

Our calibration laboratory and tightening tool service has mobile calibration and service station, used to carry out calibration and maintenance of different type tightening tools, torque wrenches and capability tests according to ISO 5393:2017, outside of laboratory. We can carry out tightening tools, torque transducers and torque wrenches rotation angle calibration too.

We have different controllers for many brands, so you should not postage the controller if you would like to calibrate such tightening tool in our laboratory. At on site works we can provide compatible controllers on our mobile calibration and service station for your tools.

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Industrial nutrunners
(calibration accredited by NAH)

Laboratory calibration:                      On site calibration:
0,25 - 750 Nm                                0,25 - 750 Nm
We perform calibration of electric and pneumatic nutrunners regardless of brand (eg Atlas Copco Tensor, Deprag Minimat-EC-Servo).
The calibration of nutrunners is carried out with torque transducer.
Torque wrenches and screwdrivers
(calibration accredited by NAH)

Laboratory calibration:                     On site calibration:
 0,14 - 678 Nm                                 0,14 - 678 Nm
We undertake the calibration of torque wrenches and screwdrivers (eg. Saltus DAZ-TA 50, Norbar 15006).
The calibration is carried out using torque transducers according to MSZ EN ISO 6789-1: 2017 standard.
Torque sensors and transducers

(not accredited calibration)

Laboratory calibration:                      On site calibration:
0,1 - 1000 Nm                                       -         
     0 - 9999°                                           -         

We undertake the calibration of torque sensors, torque transducers (eg. Atlas Copco IRTT-B, PCB Series PC9000), even based on the recommendation of EURAMET cg-14 (European Association of National Measurements Institutions).