Hardness calibration

DEAR CUSTOMERS! We are currently moving the laboratory to a new building and a new location. During this time, our operations and all our calibration services will be suspended. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we hope that we will soon be able to provide our customers with a higher level of service in the building built for especially for our laboratory.

In our calibration laboratory we can calibrate various hardness measuring instruments. The most common measuring instruments and their associated measuring ranges within which we can calibrate are listed on this page. The calibration of these measuring instruments can be carried out on site even after consultation. Hardness measurements are also carried out on site with a mobile hardness tester if you require product or material testing. For more information about on-site hardness measurement, see Measurement.

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Hardness testers and hardness standards
(not accredited calibration)

Laboratory calibration:                     On site calibration:
    20 - 70 HRC                                       20 - 70 HRC

Hardness testers and hardness standards can be calibrated in the above range.