Custom measurements

As part of our custom meaurement service, we undertake customized measurements in our laboratory or on-site even in small series, in the following categories. Measurements are made with our own calibrated measuring devices. It may be an ideal solution if you do not have the appropriate expertise, human resources or calibrated measuring equipment. We also undertake the design and construction of automated measuring systems.
Roughness measurement

Measurement range:
 -160 - 200 micrometer
We can carry out on-site or laboratory roughness measurements of various products, machined parts, drilled holes. For roughness measurement, we use a portable roughness meter, which is equipped with a variety of feed units and probes. With these we can measure the roughness of either cylindrical or hard to reach surfaces. Our low-touch probes also allow the roughness measurement of surfaces that may be deformed due to more than minimal force.
Hardness measurement

Measurement range:
20 - 70 HRC
We can perform hardness measurements of various products, machined parts, on-site or in the laboratory. For hardness measurement, we use a portable hardness meter, which allows accurate measurements to be made either overhead or in an upright position, quickly, without moving the product to be measured. The condition for the measurement is that there must be a suitable surface of at least 1 cm in diameter on the product that can be accessed by the measuring instrument.
Length measurement

Measurement range:
Depend on actual measurement
We can carry out on-site or laboratory measurements of various small-scale products, machined parts. We have portable measuring devices for length measurement, and touch probes for special measurements.
Torque measurement

Measurement range:
0,1 - 3000 Nm
On-site or laboratory torque measurement of machines, screwdrivers and other equipment can be performed with torque sensors.