Meauring instruments supervising

As part of our measuring instruments supervising, we are fully committed to managing a number of measuring instruments at a given customer by performing fully the tasks associated with measuring instruments that are required to make measuring instruments and their documentation even suitable for an external auditor.

This includes not only the calibration of the measuring instruments, but also maintanance and the delivery of the measuring instruments (eg if the calibration can only be performed in a laboratory).

We keep an electronic record of the monitored measuring instruments and record calibration and maintenance documents with the calibration and registration module of our TorqueMaster System program, schedule calibration and maintenance of your measuring instruments, and you and your collegues always be informed about the work we are carrying out.

All data is available and accessible to our customer in our TorqueMaster System, so that you can have full input and insight into the processes. To do this, our customers who entrust us with supervising their measuring instruments get access to our TorqueMaster System program and the required interface via the Internet.